Environment And The Ecomuseum





The environment and environmental issues have always been part of the Museum's study area with early studies on the nature of the bedrock, basalt, and occupation of the region.

  This year, following planning with VUT and discussions with Parks Victoria, the Museum embarked on a major grassland and wetland project within Pipemakers Park. The project, funded by Parks Victoria, is part of a network of projects focussing on grassland diversity across the west and north of Melbourne. Part of the impetus for work at Pipemakers Park was that it had a high public profile and was intended to have an educational function.

  This it did and still does as people walking through the park were asking questions daily. We even had a delegation from the United Arab Emirates, as guests of the Victorian Government, who came to see the work on the project.

  Two teams, totalling 24 people, were employed on Community Job Programs (see also section on the Aboriginal Program). The work on the grassland and wetland restoration was combined with complementary study on indigenous vegetation and restoration techniques. One group worked in the office, assisting in the general activities of the Museum, including reception, cataloguing, promotion and exhibitions.

  The priority of the Community Jobs Programs is future employment for those participating in them. Part of the impact of this 'ecomuseum' has been as a catalyst for producing and encouraging work in the heritage and cultural sector.


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