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Stone Upon A Stone
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A Brief History of the Park
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History of the Land Gardens

The Pipestacks
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Charles Grimes Re-enactment
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(February 2003)
The Maribyrnong River Walk
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-Park Characterisation



History of the Land Gardens 1999

Within Pipemaker's Park these gardens are situated on what was formerly the ‘Bottom Factory’ of the Humes Pipeworks.

This imaginative and much-loved garden, funded and developed through Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West, in consultation with Parks Victoria, will continue to be a valuable resource in telling the story of the river valley and the region and an important component of the total park interpretation program.

Volunteers have contributed to the maintenance of the garden.

The History of the Land Discovery Trail has transformed the concrete foundations and ruins of the Hume company's 8 foot pipe factory into a series of gardens which tell the story of how the occupants of this region changed the local landscape over time. The landscape resulting from thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation was drastically changed by European settlement from the 1830s, with the introduction of exotic plants, animals and artefacts to this western region of Melbourne. The gardens you walk through illustrate these changes and aim to create an understanding of the historic environment and an awareness of the impact of people on the environment.

This project was carried out by Melbourne's Living Museum of the West over three years and was designed by Libby McKinnon in consultation with Jeff Walsh, Laurel Crampton, Roger Najar and other Museum staff.

It was constructed by the Koorie Gardening Team; 60 unemployed people from Melbourne's western region as part of LEAP 1993, LEAP 1994 and JobSkills 1995 through Western Region Group Training Ltd. Melbourne Parks & Waterways provided valuable assistance by making the site available and by providing materials and equipment.

Museum Director talks to a group of students on an excursion in the Wurundjeri Garden, History of the Land Gardens.

Parks Victoria
Parks Victoria has been involved in the History of the Land Discovery Trail in every stage of the process, from initial consultation to in-kind support and a grant for signage and the brochure.

Australia Council Community Environment Art and Design
The Australia Council CEAD funding made possible the overall design of the History of the Land Discovery Trail and was the basis for an application for DEET funding under the Landcare Environment Action Program. The design process has strongly reflected principles of collaboration and led to a very complex community project combining artistic, heritage, environmental and training components. The involvement of the Koorie community is basic to the whole project. The project has also demonstrated to state and federal bodies the importance of cultural projects in the training area.

& Western Region Group Training Ltd.
The Department of Employment, Education & Training (DEET) has provided funds for Western Region Group Training Ltd. through Group Training Australia and Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West to collaborate on LEAP & JobSkills programs to implement the History of the Land Discovery Trail. Western Region Group Training have auspiced the project and have provided contacts with local firms regarding donations and voluntary labour for construction work.

JobSkills 1995
Gitet Abreha, Kamal Ahmed, Helen Alderson, Dennis Alevras, Ray Allen, George Andrasik, Michael Aqualino, Gregory Batch, Colin Buckman, Fernando Cabrera,Megan Cameron, Christine Carley, Andrew Charles, Hassan Geereh, Jeffrey Hardiman, Luis Henriquez, Amanda Huntly, Khalid Ibrahim, Adam Lee, Cesar Lopez, Rigoberta Mata, Julio Mejia, José Montes, Long Nguyen, Van An Nguyen, Tuan Minh Phu, Voljan Stavrov, Carlos Vagner, Gerardo Valladares, George Velissarios, James Walsh.

Landcare Environment Action Program

Troy Adams, David Baird, Jacob Boehme, Mark Brasseur, Franca Caradonna, Jason Chiller, David Fava, Georgina Garth, Deanne Glenn, Katherine Jeffries, Danielle Kerkvliet, Sally Langer, Tracy Lessio, Lilyanna Simkic, Olympia Szilagzi, Britt Trainer, Hannah Upsall-Palmer.
Matt Darcy, Samantha Fry, Joe Griggs, Lisa Hussey, Dianne Jeffries, Vicky Jeffries, Damien Kelly, Ross Punchard, Stephen Taylor, Hayden Vandenberg, Ricky Wallace, Gavin Oldfield.



Alan Patrick Tiles; Australian Defence Industries; Boral Kinnears; Boral Quarries; Blue Circle Southern Cement; Felton, Grimwade & Bickford Pty. Ltd; Greening Sunshine; Hynes Tiles; Footscray City Council; Melbourne City Council; Melbourne Water, Maribyrnong Region; Pioneer Concrete; PJ Ceramics; PKW Pty. Ltd.; Poyntons Nursery; Smorgon ARC; Sunshine City Council; Victorian Government Major Projects Unit.

Funding Sources:
Australia Council: Community, Environment, Art & Design, and the Community Cultural Development Unit; Department of Employment, Education & Training; Highpoint Shopping Centres Pty. Ltd. Melbourne Parks & Waterways.

Participating Organisations:

Koorie Garden Team; Melbourne's Living Museum of the West; Melbourne Parks & Waterways; Western Region Group Training Ltd.

Special Thanks:
Harry Browne, Tony Chapman, Neil Churches, Maree Clarke, Ashley Conn, Jim Dimitriou, Friends of the Maribyrnong Inc., Brett Gullan, Sonja Hodge, Koula Kariofillidis, Glenn Martin, Robert Mate Mate, Cole Magree, Maribyrnong Secondary College Year 11 Biology class, Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West Committee of Management, Roger Najar, Michael Nichols, Pat O’Connell, Martin Reeves, Ken Smith, Francine Stacey, Gabor Szanto, Jeff Walsh, Western Region Commission, W.L. Allen Foundry, Wurundjeri Tribal Council.

Arts in the Park
The mosaic piece beneath the Temple is the outcome of an 11 week project called Arts in the Park 1995, run by the Living Museum, co-ordinated by Helen Laffin and funded by the CCDU of the Australia Council. Vox Bandicoot and environmental educators, Liz Vercoe and John Laffin worked with the following groups to find out about Pipemakers Park, then worked with mosaic artist, Libby McKinnon to produce the resulting mosaic piece.
Rosamond School:
Alicia Black, Natalie O'Neill, Heath Baldwin, David Licciardo, Rory Monaghan, with Tom Goddard, John Candusso and Manny van Liempd.
Milparinka Adult Training Centre: Sussan Kassab, Stellio Costa, Lorraine Hayes, Joe Lincenti, Lucy Barlocci, with Joe Luppino.
Highpoint Industries - Leisure Action North West:
Glen Hill, Carmella de Bono, Paul Goy, Ray Cavaggion, Michael McGuire, Val Pirani, Gary Timbs, Martin Clancy with Angela Healey, Shane McNamara, Ellen Glynn, Karen Britton, Karen Byrush and
Kerry Potter.
18+ project at Footscray Community Arts Centre:
Doriano Valenti, Enza Pratico, Carmen Baldacchino, Elke Drichelt with Lyn Hyland.