Competition Results

The winners and honourable mentions for the 'OUR RIVER' competition were:

Primary Art:
Winner -
Christina Kiriakidis (Footscray West Primary School)

Honourable Mentions –
Dien Hang (Footscray Primary School)
Henry Paye (Footscray West Primary School)
Caroline Tongia (Footscray West Primary School)
Ebony Redfern(Footscray West Primary School)

Primary Writing
Winner -
Darcy Robson Lockwood (Footscray City Primary School)

Honourable Mentions –
Jacob Hedger (Footscray City Primary School)
Kristina Blazinovic (St Margaret's School)
Nathan Ho (St Margaret's School)
Jacob Kane (St Margaret's School)

Secondary Art
Winner(s) –
Evman Magtanong (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
Mohammed Mussa (Maribyrnong Secondary College)

Honourable Mentions –
Lisa Dickson (Maribyrnong Secondary College)
Aaron Pene (Maribyrnong Secondary College)
ElyseSmith (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
Burak Bal (Maribyrnong Secondary College)

Winner – Athina Bakirtzidis

Honourable Mentions
Peter Dogaris
Robyn Cairns.

Adult Art
Winner - Anne Hastie

Honourable Mentions –
Theo Giannoukas (for “Sacred Body Found”)
Patrick Brady

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