Australia's Arsenal
- Munitions Industries
in Melbourne's west

Stone Upon A Stone
-Stone wall construction
in Melbourne's west

Hear Our Voices
-Stories by women
in Melbourne's west

- Aboriginal history
of Melbourne's west


A Brief History of the Park
- and bluestone buildings

History of the Land Gardens

The Pipestacks
+ Memorial to Bruce Duff

Pioneer Women's Shelter

Park + Environment Projects

Charles Grimes Re-enactment
- projects + events
(February 2003)
The Maribyrnong River Walk
- Pol McMahon (April 1999)
- contemporary art exhibition
(April 2003)
Chisholm's Homes
- An exhibition by Flossy Peitch about Caroline Chisholm
Student Projects
-Our River
-Black Powder Mill
-Park Characterisation
-Commonwealth Games Design
-Maribyrnong Munitions and Explosives Factories, World War 2
-Living Museum Quiz



hen the Living Museum was conceived it was set into motion with a set of fourteen aims and objectives. These were later distilled into a mission statement that reads

" Melbourne's Living Museum of the West is a community museum which actively involves the people of Melbourne's west and others in documenting, preserving and interpreting the richness and depth of the region's social industrial and environmental history "

The work of the Living Museum has focussed on involving different communities in a number of projects that research different aspects of culture and heritage in the western region. Some of these projects have been initiated by museum staff others have been initiated to individuals or groups in the community or have resulted from community enquiries.

The Museum's research and resources cover most topic to do with history, heritage and natural heritage in the western suburbs from pre-European times until the present day. Many of these topics and themes are relevant to state, national and international issues.

Links to pages about Exhibitions produced by the Living Museum, the history of and projects in Pipemakers Park, some of the Museum's Other Projects and Museum Annual Reports can be found on the left hand column of this page. These pages will be added to and developed as this web address expands.

On a day to day basis the Living Museum runs a Visitor Centre at Pipemakers Park, a significant industrial site in the history of Melbourne. It is part of the Museum's brief to interpret this site. Any member of the public can approach the counter and make inquiries about the history and heritage of the western region. If we cannot answer the question we usually know who can.

The Museum provides talks, tours, seminars and other forms of in-service in the Visitor Centre and also runs concerts and other events in the grounds of Pipemakers Park. See Services.

The Living Museum also does a good deal of consultancy work. In this rationalist economic era it is important for cultural institutions like museums to understand how their work relates to the general commerce of society. This Museum has accumulated considerable expertise and skills in its own history and has learned how to work in the private sector.