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Melbourne's Living Museum of the West offers a range of services in accordance with its role as a major regional museum which focuses on the life and work of the people of Melbourne's Western Region.

Some of the services offered by the Living Museum are directly related to the site itself while others are related to the type of work we do.

Group bookings can be arranged at the Living Museum for talks and tours on the site. A basic introductory session can be arranged for $50.00. (half hour sessions). This can include a video presentation about the Maribyrnong Valley. Longer talks and tours for groups wanting more detailed sessions on the site and industry in the Western Region talks up an hour and costs $100.00.

Talks can be adapted to suit the needs of the group. A talk can be about the industrial significance of the site or a talk can be arranged about the Aboriginal heritage of the region. Talks are adapted to appropriate age groups. More in-depth lectures and study sessions can be arranged by negotiation. To learn more about what is available in the park, see Outdoor Resources.

NOTE: Staff will also travel to your organisation to give talks. Our Aboriginal Cultural Officer is kept particularly busy travelling to schools in the local area to give talks and art sessions. For groups planning a longer outing, special arrangements can be made to link the talks with a tour on the Maribyrnong River with the historic cruise boat "Blackbird", which takes a maximum of (30) thirty passengers.

The Museum also arranges special professional development workshops on a range of topics for teachers that relate to areas of special expertise at the Living Museum. This in-service training can cover a range of topic including history, geography, biology, Australian Studies, industry,Aboriginal issues etc. Workshops can be held at the Living Museum's Visitor Centre or at a school/college location.

Any queries about in-service should be made to the Museum Director, Peter Haffenden.

The Museum premises are particularly suitable for seminars and other group events which are best held in quiet and pleasant surroundings for limited numbers. The buildings in Pipemakers Park are close by the gently-flowing Maribyrnong River.

Slide show equipment, whiteboard, video machines,computers and display boards are all available for such events.

Basic hire of premises:
$300.00 per day
$200.00 half day

NOTE: A fee of $25.00 per hour applies for staff services outside the hour of 9.00.a.m to 4.00 .p.m

Museum staff are available for consultancy work in areas such as historical research, archaeology, publishing, art and design. The Living Museum has carried out a wide range of consultancies for organisation such as Heritage Victoria, Parks Victoria, VicRoads, local councils, private industry and individuals. For a Summary of past projects including consultancy reports and commissions, see our list of projects. For more details on the expertise and skills of our staff in the commercial arena follow the link to Museum staff & associates CV's.

The Living Museum specialises in publications about the western region of Melbourne produced by the Museum itself or by other community organisations such as local history societies and local authors.
These publications can be bought at the Museum or can bought by postal order. See PUBLICATIONS LIST