As part of a Community work program three students from Year nine at St. Bernard’s School in Essendon came to work with the Living Museum for anumber of weeks.

This was the second group from the school and follows an earlier project by three other students.

As is the normal practice with such a group we discussed the kind of project that would be good for the students, the school and the Museum.Following this discussion we decided to work on a small photographic essay about the area of Aberfeldie, within the City of Moonee Valley.

The students would set out to study and capture or intepret this area with a few photographic images.Nathan lives in Aberfeldie and the area provides the potential for variety as it is near the river and contains and important athletics centre.

.As the group worked through the project they began to explore different ways that images could tell a story. We found they were exploring a few paths.Their interest in pure imagery became interesting so we all decided to produce two separate shows or interpretations of Aberfeldie. One a more literal interpretation and the other a more ‘artistic’ interpretation.

We at the Museum are very impressed with their interest, their enthusiasm and their work. We hope you are too.

by Anthony Agostino, Nathan Cheung and Daniel D'Aprano
from St Bernards Secondary College Essendon



Melbourne's Living Museum of the West


Imaging Aberfeldie